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176th Annual LDS General Conference Sunday Afternoon Session

1:00 p.m. James Faust, Second Counselor First Presidency conducted. This is the fifth and final session of conference this afternoon.

1:03 p.m. The choir opened with Sing Praises to Him

Invocation Lance B. Whitman, Quorum of the Seventy

1:09 p.m. Choir sings Jesus Lover of My Soul

1:13 p.m. M. Russel Ballard, Quorum of the Twelve Had bilateral knee surgery a few weeks ago. (I'm amazed he can stand). He better appreciates the pain Christ endured as a result of the Atonement. We have been given much because of Joseph Smith. Restoration taught that there are eternal truths outside the Bible. Without restoration no valid Priesthood ordinances, or constant Holy Ghost companionship. We experience a mighty change in our hearts. We sing the song of reedeming love.

Many Missionaries enter MTC with well read and worn copies of Preach My Gospel. Missionaries now need more people to teach. Better teaching results when members participate in the process.

Christ showed way, when he showed his disciples where he dwelt. He was teaching, when he invited them to visit with him. Our homes can also be gospel sharing homes. People who visit can experience gospel first hand. This will bless others who come to our home, and also us who live in that home. Our understanding of gospel will improve.

Gospel sharing home we pray for guidance for ourselves and well being of others. In Alma's time they prayer for investigators of gospel.

Gospel sharing home are ordinary homes--not perfect. It is where family members love each other.

It is not, a program, but a way of life. Friends will come naturally into our lives this way. Friends will accept that this is part of who we are, and will feel free to ask questions. We pray for all missionaries, including our own.

Many join church from experiences of those who go to gospel sharing homes. Church DVD's are a tool. Nothing more effective than for us to say to our friends to come and participate in sacrament meeting.

1:31 p.m. Richard G. Scott, Quorum of the Twelve Preach My Gospel important manual. Better overall missionary work results. Process begins in the home long before missionary age to prepare a young man for a mission. Talk about when he or she goes, not if. In the home the armor of truth is tailor fit to each child.

In the home a girl can learn her primary role is to be a wife and mother. They can also serve as missionaries full time too, if they follow the First Presidency guidelines. They are not to be pressured and not to interfere with marriage prospects. Parents also use Preach My Gospel in the home. It can help young women to prepare to be a wife and mother.

Over a million copies distributed of Preach My Gospel. His own daughter served a good mission is Spain, upon the prompting of her bishop.

There is an urgent need for full time couple missionaries. His own mission meant a great deal to him personally. He grew up in a part member family. As a young man he didn't have any way to judge the importance of a full time mission. He served in Uruguay (yea . . . mine too!)
He learned esssential doctrines, what it meant to be guided by spirit. He became converted in essence. His prayers were answered to be a better missionary. All that he holds dear in life began to mature in the mission field.

He would not have had his professional opportunities without his mission experiences. His life has been blessed beyone measure because he served a full time mission. He wants to motivate young men to serve a full time mission, as well as older couples, and some young women as well.

You will never regret serving a mission; but, will most likely regret not serving if that is your ultimate choice. Full time missionary service is a great blessing.

1:49 p.m. David R. Stone Quorum of the Seventy. How useful to have an early warning system to warn us of upcoming evil. We see Babylon now everywhere; yet, we need to create Zion in its midst (though I have always thought they cannot co-exist). We are surrounded by the waves of idolatry today.

Ancient Israel forgot the Lord who led them out of Egypt. As today, we forget God because of our modern day culture. Customs acceptable in one, are not in another--same with language. Self satisfied, self deception--good quote for people moving about in their own little worlds.

Too often we are like puppets on a string, as the culture determines what is "cool." But, we should pay attention to the culture of the people of God--the Royal Priesthood.

We can create Zion by limiting the extent Babylon will have on our lives. Seduced by our culture, we hardly recognize our idolatry. (very good and timely quote--Hugh Nibley would very much agree). We can create a Zion in the midst of Babylon. We can and should create our own standards.

We can live a Zion life if we want to; however, the waves of Babylon beat incessantly on our shores. Most of Babylon is evil, and we won't have any early warning system. Zion is the city of God. Babylon is the city of the world. Zion is the pure in heart, regardless of physical location.

2:02 p.m. Choir and congregation sing How Firm a Foundation (another 7th inning stretch!)

2:04 Robert S. Wood Quorum of the Seventy Voices are growing ever more strident. God has warned us that Satan would stir up people's heart to anger. Deluded and wicked men in Book of Mormon stir up men and women to anger. The time of Christ's birth and second comming will be days of vengance.

Be aware of those who stir us up to anger so that calm reflection and thought are lost. Andrew Jackson said, elevate your guns a little lower. Many of us need to do the same. We need to raise the level of public and private discourse. We need to uphold wise, honest, and good men and women--wherever they are found. Culture of slander, stereotyping. Spirit of mocking of those with whom we disagree, are those who occupy the large and spacious building. There are mockers in the last times who walk after their own ungodly lust.

Cynicisim closely related to mockery. Display disblief in sincerity.

When your polictics cause you to speak unkindly of your brethern, you are on dangerous ground. It is not our duty to find fault in others. But, in kindness and love we help them find truth that God has revealed in latter days.

We cannot be caught up in a world that takes and gives offense. We should rejoice in the truth, and the pure love of Christ, which we represent. President Hinckley has counseled that we may give opinions; but, to have hatred or ill will as a result of political differences.

2:17 p.m. H. Bruce Stucki Quorum of the Seventy. Related story of Christmas gift of bow and arrow, and taking it out to hunt rabbits. The arrow missed the rabbit. He looked all around but could not find his arrow. The sun was setting and didn't want to be late for home, breaking a promise to his mother. He prayed that he not lose his new arrow. While still on his knees he opened his eyes and found his arrow, which he grabbed and ran for home arriving before dark. God had answered his prayer.

Prayer is a two way communication. It is one of the stepping stones on the path leading to eternal life. Faith is another stepping stone that is critical. The veil between this and the next is very thin. No better time than now to begin to follow the counsel to "pray always"

The family third stepping stone to lead us back to God. The family is by divine origin. Family is the unit and vehicle to be sealed and return to our heavenly parents.

2:30 p.m. Joseph B. Wirthlin, Quorum of the Twelve. Snowman the horse, eight when bought, and badly treated. Harry let Snowman jump, and entered him into a formal competition. He won the competition and was an example of hidden untapped potential hidden within each of us.

The happiest people he knows, who have abundant lives have certain characteristics:

1. Drink deeply of living waters--Christ and his words. The gospel is not a religion of boring and gloom. It is a gospel of wings. Do we wish to partake of this living water? Forsake our weaknesses, and drink deeply of the living waters of Jesus Christ.

2. Fill our hearts with love. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. Serve others. We are all busy; but let's not be too busy for shallow lives. We are happiest when our lives are connected to others.

3. With God's help create masterpiece of their own lives. Love God with all our hearts, might, mind and strength.

The abundant life does not come packaged and ready made. It comes through faith, hope, and charity. It is a magnificant journey beggining a long time ago, and will never end. This life just one step in our search for abundant life and eternity. Abundant life within our reach.

2:47 p.m. James E. Faust expresses thanks for all who participated during conference, including all choirs.

2:48 p.m. President Hinckley, Prophet, Seer Revelator. Music magnificent, and talks inspired during this conference session. They have confirmed our faith. As we return to our homes and lives, let us remember the counsel we have received. May we live together as husbands and wives, and children. God Bless you by beloved brothers and sisters. May heaven's blessings rest upon you.

2:50 p.m. Choir sings Abide With Me Tis Even Tide

2:55 p.m. Benediction


Blogger Mary A said...

Hi. It's me again. Thanks to your encouragement, I have posted my conference notes to my blog. I cheated a little and used your notes to correct the names of speakers I'd heard wrong, so thanks for that, too! It is interesting to read other people's notes to remind me of things I missed, so maybe my notes will be useful, too.

I loved this conference.

Sunday, April 02, 2006 3:32:00 PM  
Blogger Guy Murray said...

Hi Mary . . I saw them and they are very well done. I thought the same as I read your notes . . .reminding me of things I missed, and bring back to my mind the instruction we heard today and yesterday. Thanks for posting them on your site.

Sunday, April 02, 2006 9:45:00 PM  

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