Monday, March 20, 2006

Sacramento Temple Tours This Summer

The Sacramento Bee reports that the Sacramento Temple, actually located in Rancho Cordova, a small unincorporated suburb of Sacramento, is about 70% completed, with tours to begin this summer 7/29 through 8/26:

He is the unofficial symbol of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Angel Moroni, in flowing robes with a horn pressed to his lips, appears on everything from church pamphlets to the grave markers of Mormon servicemen.

This week, a 10-foot gold-leaf statue of Moroni was installed at the new Mormon temple in Rancho Cordova.

The statue is also a sign that the temple is nearing completion. It will serve more than 80,000 church members in the region and is "about 70 percent done," says West. It is expected to be completed by summer.

President Hinckley is scheduled to dedicate the Temple on 9/3/06. Like the Newport Beach Temple open house, the public will need tickets for the open house; however, my experience at the Newport Beach open house suggested to me, at least, that tickets were not strictly enforced for actually attending the open house:

Church officials announced this week that the temple will welcome the community during a free open house from July 29 through Aug. 26, excluding Sundays. Open-house tickets will be available beginning June 26.

Gordon Hinckley, the 95-year-old president of the church, is scheduled to dedicate the temple Sept. 3. After the dedication, the temple will be open only to faithful church members.

There is a temple cam where you can monitor the construction, in the link below:

Church members have been watching the temple's progress by accessing the so-called "templecam" at, which has a live camera at the construction site. They've also been able to see updated weekly photos of the construction site at This site also features photos of the interior of the temple.
I'm looking forward to the open house, and plan to take a day off to take the tour. The Newport Beach tour was very worthwhile as well.


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