Tuesday, January 24, 2006

President Hinckley Hospitalized For Surgery

Update: For more recent updates see new post here.

President Hinckley has been hosptialized. (Hat Tip Julie M. Smith at T & S) I will continue to post updates here as I find them:

Yahoo News

Salt Lake Tribune

The Tribune has the most comprehensive coverage thus far. The Tribune is also reporting that President Hinckley's surgery was for colon cancer:

LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinckley was in a Salt Lake City hospital Tuesday recovering from laparoscopic surgery to remove a cancerous growth from his colon, or large intestine.
"The diseased portion of the intestine was successfully removed," said LDS spokesman Dale Bills in an official statement.
  • "It is anticipated that President Hinckley will recover rapidly and resume his normal duties."

Initial opinions by experts lean toward Colon Cancer; however, few details are actually known at this time:

The "routine screening" was clearly a colonoscopy, said Bill Nibley, an oncologist at Cottonwood and LDS hospitals. It is now quite common to remove these growths in a laparoscopic surgery, a less invasive procedure than full surgery. Laparoscopic surgery consists of smaller incisions and the use of tiny cameras to help guide the surgeon.
After the cancer cells are removed, the surgeon looks into the abdomen to determine visually if there are any other masses in the abdomen. Any suspicious growth would be evaluated by a pathologist.
But even if doctors did find the cancer had spread, it is unlikely that Hinckley would undergo the chemotherapy as a younger person might.
"At his age, you would have a tough time showing some kind of advantage in that treatment," Nibley said.
I will continue to post more as I find more. Where is the Deseret News on this story? They are woefully behind their competition at the Tribune, and most other news organizations carrying the story

Deseret News

KSL News

KSL News is also reporting the surgery as colon cancer surgery.

LDS Church Website

Fox News

China Post Taiwan


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