Sunday, February 26, 2006

Not Your Father's Gospel Doctrine Manual

The Charleston Post and Courier is carrying a story about one of those "complete idiot" guide books, only this one is about the Church. It is supposedly written by an LDS member; however, the review itself was written by a Protestant pastor (and for the most part is a reasonable review). A blurb:
The book is packed with information, and not all of it suffers from the highly biased opinion of the author. The strongest section is the historical summary of the life of Joseph Smith and the early days of the Mormon church. There is also a lot of interesting information on modern Mormon life. The most difficult section is the first section on theology in which the author goes out of his way to explain why Mormon beliefs are really not that different from the beliefs of other Christians. The reader can decide that question for herself, but as a Protestant pastor, I noticed some significant difference between Mormon and Protestant understandings of the Trinity, the divinity of Christ, government of the church and which Scriptures are authoritative. The author also downplays the exclusion of women within the leadership of the Mormon church.
I didn't even know this book existed; but, it sounds interesting. I don't suppose it's about to replace Preach My Gospel; however, you can pick one up at Deseret Book.


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