Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Utah's Quarter Design Finally Resolved

Another flash back, Utah has finally decided on the design for its quarter. There was quite a stir when the beehive symbol was suggested. You can read some of the prior discussions here, here, and here. The final design, as reported by the Salt Lake Tribune, is the Golden Spike, Crossroads of the West Design. Governor Huntsman is even participating in a recreation of the "golden spike":

For weeks, Utah leaders have been poised to unveil the design for the state's commemorative quarter.

Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. is supposed to re-enact the driving of the Golden Spike - the completion of the transcontinental railroad - in Promontory today. "Major Announcement Planned," his schedule says.


While still coy Tuesday, Huntsman spokesman Mike Mower pretty much confirmed the governor picked the Golden Spike "Crossroads of the West" design over two other finalists.

"It would be a long way to drive to announce the snowboarder or the beehive - and in front of a crowd that would likely be disappointed with that announcement," Mower said.

The announcement will end a three-year selection process that narrowed 5,000 potential designs down to three final drawings. The quarter will be submitted to the U.S. Mint and released in October 2007.
This is actually a good choice; but, the Trib just couldn't pass up a couple of jabs at the beehive symbol that was once considered. Of course, their editorializing the beehive was instrumental in making it the controversy it was--but really shouldn't have been.


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