Saturday, February 11, 2006

LDS Snowboarder Bright Spot In Winter OIympics

Torah Bright, an LDS Australian snowboarder is about to take the Olympic games by storm. Several media sources are carrying this article all over the world, including The Weekend Australian:

TORAH Bright has been taught by the Mormon scriptures to expect great things in her lifetime and she expects no less than to win Australia its first Olympic snowboard medal on Tuesday.

In a sport renowned for anti-social behaviour and grunge clothing, Bright is a breath of fresh mountain air. She is a beautiful, non-drinking, non-cursing 19-year-old who reads her spiritual literature every day.

One of five children brought up in a Mormon household in Cooma, at the foothills of the NSW Snowy Mountains, the Bright family is protective of its religious beliefs.

Torah already has a great outlook on life, that will take her a long way, not only in the Olympic games but throughout the eternities:

"I have always been taught to expect great things in my life. I go through life waiting for beautiful things to happen and it's a pretty exciting way to live," said Bright, who will get the chance to go for gold late tomorrow and early Tuesday (AEDT) in the qualifying round and final of the women's halfpipe.

"I have faith and I know I've been given a special talent. I've got a new routine and done the training, now we have to see what happens."
All of the Bright children were named specially at birth. Torah’s name, of course, comes from Hebrew, meaning teaching, instruction or law. By her example she will be a great teacher and instructor to millions of youth world wide:

Marion Bright revealed her children were all given special names at birth. "Torah is Hebrew from the Old Testament meaning bearer of great message," Marion said. Torah finds that funny, but her spiritual advisers find it significant.

They believe Torah's message to young people is that you can ride as cool as anyone through life but be a beautiful person at the same time.

It will be more interesting watching the snowb
oard competition knowing a little bit about one of the competitors.


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